Web Design – This Week In Web Design – January 22, 2021

Web Design - This Week In Web Design – January 22, 2021

Another week in the books, so here’s another edition of our weekly roundup of web design and development articles that were published in the past seven days. Let’s get right to it!

Vandelay Design

Here are over 50 sets of free Photoshop patterns of all different styles and varieties. You can download and use them today.

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5 Tips for Working With Design Influencers (Or Becoming One!)

Who do you look to on social media when you need extra design inspiration? Those are the people that you see as design influencers. Have you ever thought about working with designers, illustrators, and photographers with a strong social media presence (or becoming one yourself)? There are …

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7 easy tips to negotiate your salary as a developer

This article was originally published by Emma Tracey on .cult by Honeypot, a Berlin-based community platform for developers. For the latest updates, follow .cult by Honeypot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. Developers, like other employees, want to know whether they’re getting paid well enough, how they rank compared to their peers, and whether […]

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AnimXYZ | CSS-Tricks

There are quite a few CSS animation libraries. They tend to be a pile of class names that you can apply as needed like “bounce” or “slide-right” and

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Life with ESM | CSS-Tricks

ESM, meaning ES Modules, meaning JavaScript Modules. Like, import and friends. Browsers support it these days. There is plenty of nuance, but as long as

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Fractal Art: A 101 Design Intro

Art elements rooted in math and algorithms might seem like a futuristic idea, but it’s a growing and popular concept. Fractal art has been around since the 1980s but it seems to be having a moment with more designers looking to this style for backgrounds and main art elements. Another re…

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