Web Design – This Week In Web Design – December 11, 2020

Web Design - This Week In Web Design – December 11, 2020

14 days until Christmas – what?!? Yes, 2020 has been quite a year, and somehow it’s almost over. So here’s you’re chance to take a break from the craziness that has been this year and have a look at the web design and development related articles we’ve found around the interwebs that were published in the past seven days. Enjoy!

Web Typography Rules: What You Need to Know

90% of all the information on the web is in writing. That means that typography is a skill that dictates that 90%. That’s a staggering figure that highlights just how important typography is. It’s absolutely everywhere: blog posts, social media, magazines, reports, books, and so much m…

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When (And How) to Outsource Design Work to Someone Else

If it has ever crossed your mind that a certain element of a design project would be better if you had help, then outsourcing work could be a viable option. Design agencies, small shops, and freelancers can all benefit from having a bench of partners that can help with projects. Successful…

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npm ruin dev | CSS-Tricks

In 2020, I rediscovered the enjoyment of building a website with plain ol’ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — no transpilin’, no compilin’, no build tools other

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How To Design A Simple UI When You Have A Complex Solution — Smashing Magazine

Software and apps often solve very complex problems for businesses and consumers in the way of sales, marketing, finances, and so on. But offering a product that solves your users’ problems isn’t enough. If the UI is just as complex as the original problem, user churn is going to be high. Today, we’re going to look at some tips for designing a simple UI regardless of your solution’s complexity.

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2 Smartest Ways to Structure Sass

Depending on the size of the project you are working on, you can structure your Sass code in two ways: a simple one for smaller projects and a more complex one for bigger projects. Read on to find out how.

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