Web Design – This Week In Web Design – April 23, 2021

Web Design - This Week In Web Design – April 23, 2021

In this week’s roundup of all of the web design and development related articles we have a variety of topics, including CSS tips and tricks, new design and development tools, SEO and Core Web Vitals, PHP tutorials, and many more! Make us your weekly pit stop to catch up on the latest news every Friday!

The Freelance Designer Toolbox

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The Best Online Graphic Design Software – Vandelay Design

This page may include links to our sponsors or affiliate links. Learn more. When searching for the perfect online graphic design software, you have a large range of tools and software varying in price and for different levels of experience. Some platforms provide custom-made templates and accessible editing functions, and others provide in-depth photo editors….

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How Do You “Design” a Virtual Event? Tips & Ideas

Virtual event design can make or break your online event. There are two major parts of an event design. First, the concepts, programming, and run of show elements that encompass the event itself. Second, the visual elements that make a virtual event have a presence with the same “feel”…

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The First Fold: A Story About Tact

The battle for user attention happens in the first fold of a website. It’s no secret anymore – user attention is getting shorter and flakier. What was a 20-minute video earlier has become a 6 second Tik Tok today. Content is getting shorter, snappier and there is so much more conte…

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Do You Need to Localize Your Website?

Your website reaches the whole world. Which makes the whole world, potentially, your marketplace. But translating your content into other languages may not be enough. Putri Hapsari explains how to …

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7 Ways to Use Emotion in Web & Graphic Design Projects

The first impression a user has of your design can make or break their experience and determine if they continue interactions. According to WebFX data, 94% of first impressions relate to the design, making the visual and emotional connection you create of utmost importance. Further, 75 per…

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