Web Design – Showcase of Line Art Logos & Illustrations

Web Design - Showcase of Line Art Logos & Illustrations

In this age of minimalism and simplicity in graphic design, it’s no wonder that line art is becoming so popular. You can find it everywhere online, from logos to icons and even full-fledged illustrations.

Line art may be so well-liked because there’s many ways of creating it. Some artists make only the simplest of drawings, while others go all in with complex designs and all the bells and whistles. Either way, it appeals to all lovers of minimalism.

A few constants unite all line art, however: basic lines, curves and shapes, small color palettes, and little-to-no shading. These are what make the simplistic style so beautiful.

Need some inspiration for your next graphic or web design project? Thinking about including line art? This is all the convincing you’ll need. Take a look at these fifteen examples of amazing line art illustrations. You’ll be floored by what you see.

Adventure Capitalist 3

Revelstoke BC

Sendero Provisions Co

Nature Badge

Holiday Greeting Card

TrailHeaDX poster

This one is not for the kids

It's My Park Day 2015

Jenn & Nate Wedding Invite


Campfire Badge

UFO Scene


Mountain Scene

Simplistic Line Art Designs

There were so many fantastic illustrations here! All provided a unique take on what line art can be.

Some were truly minimalistic, with only a few lines and one or two colors. Each stroke of the brush in this type of design is important to conveying the image you want people to see. Others were complex with hundreds of complicated, painstakingly made lines. And some went super fancy with pretty gradients, tiny detailing, and extra accent colors.

But every one remains a perfect example of what you can do with this seemingly simplistic art style. There are no limits to line art – clean icons or elaborate decorations are all within possibility if you know what you’re going for. Which did you prefer in these images: simple or complicated line art design?

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