Web Design – New Google AI tools will let advertisers generate media assets

Advertisers and YouTube creators may benefit from new AI solutions Google is reportedly working on.

Google Ads. Generative AI tools, powered by PaLM 2, will help advertisers create media assets, CNBC reported, based on internal Google documents. Unfortunately, that’s as much detail as we know for now.

We’ve previously reported that generative AI is coming to Google Ads. However, that seemed more about “remixing” existing assets into ads, whereas this report is more about Google actually generating those assets.

YouTube. According to CNBC:

Google has also been testing PaLM 2 for YouTube youth content for things like titles, and descriptions. For creators, the company has been using the technology to experiment with the idea of providing five video ideas based on topics that appear relevant.

Why we care. Amazon and Meta are also testing generative AI for advertisers or will be soon. Google’s integration of generative AI will be worth testing to see if it helps improve performance – especially with conversion rates down and CPLs up.

Will we learn more this Tuesday? This year’s Google Marketing Live takes place May 23. We expect it to be heavy on AI announcements. Could these – or other AI solutions – be officially announced next week? We’ll be watching and reporting on all the news from the event.

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