Web Design – First Week In Web Design – January 8, 2021

Web Design - First Week In Web Design – January 8, 2021

After taking a brief break for the holidays, we’re back with the new year’s first edition of “This Week In Web Design”. For the uninitiated, each Friday we publish this roundup of all the web design and development articles we’ve found around the interwebs that were published in the past seven days. So here we go again, kicking off 2021 with the articles you’ll find below. Let’s get the new year started right!

You want overflow: auto, not overflow: scroll | Kilian Valkhof

Every now and then a web developer using a Mac discovers that their beautiful design is littered with scroll bars on other platforms. Either because someone points it out to them or because they attach a mouse to their laptop, both of which make the scroll bars appear. Often, MacOS hiding scroll bars by default […]

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How to increase your productivity as a remote developer

The world has now new norms for traveling, working, and just about every daily activity ever since the pandemic broke out on a global scale. To keep up with the changed lifestyle, many industries and workplaces started adopting remote working norms and the necessary infrastructure support. Software development has definitely got an edge over the […]

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The Future Of Web Design

The 21st century is just great where technology is concerned. Technological advancements have invaded almost everything we’re doing.

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The Job of a Graphic Designer (2021)

What does a graphic designer do in 2021? In this article, we’ll explore the skills needed to become a graphic designer, the types of projects graphic designers work on nowadays, what the day-to-day workflow looks like, and more.

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