Web Design – 10 Resources to Find Free Textures

Web Design - 10 Resources to Find Free Textures

Textures are an all-but-necessary component in web design. They can give a webpage depth, draw the eye to key elements, serve as great backgrounds and just look great when used well! If you’re looking for free textures to enhance your projects, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten free websites where you can download high-quality textures.

Created by two photographers and artists, this website hosts a ton of textures all licensed under Creative Commons Zero. From nature, to concrete, to abstract – there are all sorts of images to find here. You can also sort by tags, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

There’s a download limit of 5 per day for anonymous users and 50 for registered users.


Pexels is a free stock photography resource, which has a textures section that contains tons of gorgeous, high-quality images. Images are user-uploaded and licensed under CC0. And there’s no download limit, so you can get as many as you want!


Unsplash is a free photography website supported by a large community of photographers. There are tons of textures and patterns, all available for personal and commercial use under CC0.


Textures.com is a versatile site that comes with basically every kind of textured graphic you can think of. Need photos? 3D scanned surfaces? Panoramas, decals or brushes? You can find them here. The robust search feature allows you to search for specific textures as well as tags like “seamless” or “scanned”.

You can download up to 15 images a day with an account. From there, you’ll need to purchase credits or a subscription. You’ll also need credits to download larger files.


Need textured vectors? Vecteezy is the place to find them. There are tons of beautiful, clean vectors available for download. Some are free while others require credit. You can sort by license, which is really helpful if you only want to see the free images.

Wild Textures

Wild Textures has textures of all kinds, but where the website shines is in its sorting system. You can sort by categories, tags and even by color! This makes it super easy to find the perfect texture. There’s also some auto-generated previews of the pictures used for different functions.


This vault of stock photos and textures contains everything from grungy patterns to the abstract. Simple or complex, you’ll find a high-definition picture that fits your needs here. Users who upload can choose from commercial or non-commercial use, or public domain – so make sure to check the license.


Freepik has a massive library of vector textures that come in .ai and .eps format. Without buying a plan, you’re limited to 5 anonymous and 30 registered downloads a day. There are also a few commercial stipulations.


A small-but-robust library, Texturelib is free for personal or commercial use. Most of the images are inspired by nature, but there are also quite a few architecture textures – such as photos of roads, windows and doors.


TextureKing has a variety of grungy, nature-like textures, available for use in almost any commercial project. While the site features about 400 images and doesn’t appear to be updated very often, there are a few categories to pick from, and the high-quality textures can be downloaded for free without an account.

Textures in Web Design

When used correctly (and perhaps sparingly), textures are a great design choice. Use them to call attention to important elements, to craft a rough, grungy atmosphere – and to add depth and beauty to a flat design! With so many free resources, you should have all the tools you need to craft deep, gorgeous websites.

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