SEO – Yext launches app directory with 26 partners for two-way data exchange

SEO - Yext launches app directory with 26 partners for two-way data exchange

Post IPO, Yext is evolving from a business listings management company into an enterprise data platform. Evidence of that comes in the form of the company’s just-announced “App Directory,” featuring 26 launch partners including Hubspot, Zendesk and others.

The new partnerships expand the use cases for listings and review data. The integrations push data back and forth and enable some interesting applications. Data from the app partners enhances or improves Yext’s content, which is then syndicated across its network.

I spoke with Yext’s head of strategy, Marc Ferrentino, who provided examples of how some of the integrations work. A number of Hubspot users, for example, offer Yext’s location scan (SEO) product. The integration enables those scans to be automatically entered as leads in Hubspot. In addition, Hubspot pushes email addresses into Yext’s review generation tool on behalf of its customers.

Similarly, Zendesk uses Yext’s review monitoring to more efficiently address customer feedback. When Zendesk-designated review thresholds are triggered (either positive or negative), Zendesk personnel can reach out accordingly. Happy and dissatisfied customers’ reviews can be routed appropriately to different teams.

Another example Ferrentino provided was retail workforce management platform Storeforce. Apparently, Storeforce is the most accurate source of store hours information for many retailers — more up-to-date than their own internal data. That information is collected by Yext on behalf of the retailers and syndicated accordingly.

Ferrentino said that the App Directory was in development for about six months. Other launch partners include Acquisio, Burbio, DialogTech, Domo, OpenMenu, Radius8, TapClicks and Zapier.

Now that the company is public, it will need to continue to evolve and generate customer and revenue growth. This third-party network helps bolster the company’s position in the market and improve the overall quality of data being captured and disseminated.

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