SEO – Video: Lisa Barone on the early days of SEO blogging

SEO - Video: Lisa Barone on the early days of SEO blogging

It was so much fun to sit down and chat one-on-one with Lisa Barone, a former SEO blogger and now the Vice President of Strategy at Overit. Some of you may remember Lisa from her days as an SEO blogger at Bruce Clay. The two of us spent many hours sitting in the front row of SEO conferences “live blogging” the sessions back in the old days.

Now, while she has moved on to crush bigger problems as a VP at a successful full-service digital agency, I am still writing stories about search. But you can tell from the interview that Lisa is still super passionate about SEO and the SEO community. She spoke about her entry into the SEO space and why she felt the SEO community enjoyed her writing. She wrote, and wrote incredibly well, in a way that connected with many in our industry. She felt it was because she was new to SEO and had to write from that perspective. But we all know that how Lisa writes, how she communicates with the reader, is what sets her apart from other writers.

We spent a lot of time chatting about the older days of SEO and then moved on to how her career has changed over the years. She has realized a lot of success and it was just awesome chatting with her. Oh, you can still follow Lisa on Twitter @lisabarone.

A warning, the video is really the two of us giving each other a hard time. We both had fun with it and I hope you enjoy the humor.

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