SEO – Stop Overbidding for What’s Yours! Using AI to build brand equity and search ROI

SEO - Stop Overbidding for What’s Yours! Using AI to build brand equity and search ROI

Are you bidding too high for your own brand terms? Or maybe too low? Do you know how to cost-effectively build and maintain brand equity in your search advertising?

If you are struggling with the answers to these types of questions, it’s time to learn how to use AI-driven strategies to protect your brand – and bid smarter. In this ever-expanding digital advertising space, where advertisers compete for the same customers, you’re often faced with aggressive brand bidding techniques and trademark infringements that drive up your CPC costs and cross-advertising investments, and dilute your brand. 

Join us as we walk through real-life examples of how brands have successfully leveraged AI to help guard their brand across channels, as well as protect and monetize what’s rightfully theirs – their customers. 

Register today for “Stop Overbidding for What’s Yours!” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Adthena.

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