SEO – [Reminder] Live webinar: 5 hot trends in advanced analytics

SEO - [Reminder] Live webinar: 5 hot trends in advanced analytics

Marketing data is everywhere. With so many new consumer touch points — from chatbots to in-store beacons and virtual assistants — the sheer variety and volume of data is exploding.

Beyond your out-of-the box product dashboards, custom Excel spreadsheets and basic data visualizations, are you really leveraging your data in meaningful ways? Isn’t it time to connect the dots of all your data sources and create business intelligence that drives action?

Join our data analytics and business intelligence experts as they explore five of the biggest trends in advanced analytics, including:

  • unifying disparate data sources.
  • natural language query.
  • sentiment analysis.
  • machine learning and predictive analytics.
  • analytics anywhere.

Register today for “The BI Wish List: 5 Hottest Trends in Advanced Analytics,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Tallan.

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