SEO – Reddit launches new Conversation Placement ad formats

SEO - Reddit launches new Conversation Placement ad formats

Reddit has launched two new ad formats within Conversation Placement: Carousel Ads and Product Ads.

Conversation Placement sits within a Reddit conversation thread, appearing below the original post and above the first comment. The rollout of the new ad formats within this placement is intended to offer advertisers the opportunity to interact with high-value users in a high-focused environment.

Why we care. Marketers now have more options to promote products through Conversation Placement, giving them more control over how they reach their target. These ads also offer a valuable opportunity to connect with new audiences, especially as many users in Reddit conversation threads come directly from organic searches.

Carousel Ads: This ad format has been revamped for Conversation Placement, enhancing the experiences for both users and advertiser. With the new design, brands can showcase up to six images or GIFs, each with its clickable link leading to respective landing pages.

Product Ads: After introducing Product Ads earlier this year, the format is being extended to Conversation Placement. This expansion enables advertisers to connect with high-value consumers who are actively engaged in research, providing a strategic opportunity to influence their purchase decisions.

Accessibility. Carousel Ads and Product Ads are now available to all advertisers globally.

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Deep dive. Read Reddit’s announcement in full for more information.

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