SEO – Meta rolls out Branded Content on Reels

SEO - Meta rolls out Branded Content on Reels

Meta has rolled out Branded Content on Reels, so creators can now use the ‘Paid Partnerships with’ label on organic posts, and participating sponsors will be able to easily convert them to Branded Content Ads.

How it works. If you’re a creator and are sharing branded content on Facebook Reels, you’ll need to use Facebook’s branded content tool to tag the business associated with the brand or product. Once tagged, your business partner will be notified and receive certain metrics about your post.

What Meta says. In a blog post, Meta said “All creator content that features or is influenced by a brand or product for an exchange of value (e.g., monetary payment or free gifts) must also tag that business. Once tagged, the business partner will be notified and receive certain metrics about your post.”

Branded Content policies. Creators using branded content posts on Meta need to comply with their Branded Content Policies. Those policies prohibit creators from promoting certain content, as well as define content that requires additional restrictions or Business Partner Authorization from business partners.

Meta defines these content policies and restrictions in its Branded Content on Facebook Reels Setup Guide with step-by-step instructions and more details about features.

Why we care. If you’re a creator and you comply with Meta’s partner monetization policies, you should be eligible to use the Branded Content tool so long as they also comply with their branded content policies, linked above.

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