SEO – Meta could launch Threads ads this year

SEO - Meta could launch Threads ads this year

Advertisers might be able to purchase ads on Meta’s Threads platform as early as the second half of this year. That’s according to a Digiday (subscription required) report citing multiple sources.

Why we care: Brands and marketers will soon have another way to reach their target audiences. Although Threads isn’t at the level of Facebook or Instagram (2 billion monthly active users), Threads gained 50 million followers in its first 24 hours of launch last year and now has about 85 million monthly active users. 

Timing. Meta’s discussions have reportedly focused on the rollout timeline rather than specific logistics about how or where ads will be integrated.

  • Beta testing for ad options is expected soon, though exact dates remain unknown, according to the report.

Where Threads Ads may appear. Threads ads will likely be integrated into Meta’s ad platform, Advantage+, alongside existing options for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Initial ad formats are anticipated to include in-feed placements, with potential expansion to trends and topics sections.

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