SEO – Live Chat Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO - Live Chat Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

As many as three-quarters of website visitors abandon their shopping carts, and nearly 50 percent bounce from your site. Wouldn’t it be great if you could “read” your website visitors’ body language while they are browsing – and better understand which visitors to profitably engage with and what they need to make those purchases? Think of the boost in sales!

The signals are there: One-third of online consumers who don’t complete their purchase say it’s because they wanted to engage with a live person first. Nearly half say that having a live person answer their questions during an online purchase is one of the most important features that a website could offer.

On October 12, join our e-commerce and conversion optimization experts as they explain how you can read your visitors’ intent signals — accurately and instantly — to optimize website conversion. They’ll explore how live chat can increase visitor engagement and sales, and how you can determine which site visitors need a real person to give them a helping hand.

Register today for “Live Chat Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by MarketLinc.

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