SEO – LinkedIn’s Service Pages for freelancers adds features to showcase credibility

SEO - LinkedIn’s Service Pages for freelancers adds features to showcase credibility

LinkedIn has added the ability to include LinkedIn Page (your organization’s page) info and media to Service Pages, according to an email shared by Matt Navarra.

Image: LinkedIn.

Services Pages (shown above) appear in LinkedIn’s Service Marketplace, a Fiverr and Upwork competitor where SEO and PPC freelancers can market their services.

Why we care. One of the biggest challenges to finding a suitable freelancer is vetting them. These new features enable freelancers to show more of their credibility in their Service Pages, which can help them book projects.

Display your LinkedIn Page details on your Service Page. This enables freelancers that work at an SMB to highlight that connection, potentially bringing more visibility for the organization while vouching for their own expertise.

“[This feature] is specifically focused on small operators,” Andrew Hutchinson wrote for SocialMediaToday, adding, “The page linking feature is only available for single-admin LinkedIn Company Pages, and is available via the desktop version of the site only at this stage.”

Add media to spotlight your portfolio. “Use this section to give prospective clients a preview of what you can do by highlighting your favorite projects or press related to your services,” LinkedIn wrote in the email. Freelancers can use this to showcase their thought leadership, case studies and more.

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