SEO – How you can make the most of your YouTube video advertising

SEO - How you can make the most of your YouTube video advertising

If you’re not already using YouTube videos as part of your marketing efforts, you should be. Researchers have found that a majority of consumers (81 percent) have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Video marketing is on the rise as well. The latest  State of Video Marketing Survey found that a whopping 87 percent of businesses are using video. And they’re not just using it more; they’re using it to greater effect. A full 83 percent of marketers say that video gives them a good ROI, up from 78 percent just 12 months ago.

Used right, video marketing is a great way to build your overall brand presence and SEO. But there is tremendous pressure to create great content — in fact, 90 percent of the marketers we talked to told us that they feel the level of competition and noise in video has increased in the past year.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few ways you can easily create compelling content yourself, and use video marketing to reach your brand and sales goals.

Types of video content

It’s useful to remember that there is a wide variety of video types available to you beyond simple guides to your product. Educational videos can help you build trust and authority. In addition to video guides about your product, you can use video to provide subscribers with useful information that fits your topic and in which you are competent. Watch this video to learn how to find your niche on YouTube.

Brand storytelling can help you connect emotionally with your audience, showing not only the benefits of your product but the whole lifestyle it provides. Show your customers that by purchasing your product or service, they will be related to a cool story, a sustainable movement, a luxury or something else you believe in as a business.

Finally, video reviews can be used to tell your customers more about your product, and offer a comparison with others. They can also be used to show expertise, entertain and educate your viewers. You can try to do your own vlog busters.

How to get started

There’s no need to hire a team or outsource to create videos. You can get started with a camera, or even a smartphone, as long as you have software that helps you edit easily.  Movavi Video Suite is a good all-purpose choice, as it allows you to cut, trim, crop and rotate your picture, add effects, make transitions and merge frames. You can also use the suite for automatic video conversion, media conversion and screen recording.

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you have a soundproofed “studio,” or at least a dedicated space with absorption panels or acoustic foam. You’ll also want make sure you know how to set up your camera, which you can learn here.

Now what?

Once you’ve gotten your video online, there are a variety of things you can do to optimize it and increase your engagement level.

  • Make a trailer. A trailer is a powerful introduction to your channel for non-subscribers, a “cold” audience. Introduce yourself and your business, and show the value of your product. Remember to ask users to follow you by subscribing. Make the trailer short (:30 to :60), but memorable. You can add effects like fire, explosions, smoke, sparkles and more from the Movavi Effects Store to make your introduction video look like a movie trailer.
  • Upload videos to your channel at least once a week. YouTube loves consistency and your subscribers do as well. Subscribers will get used to your content and anticipate its release, which will increase your engagement levels.
  • Thumbs up. Encourage your viewers to rate your videos with a “thumbs up” and sign up for alerts announcing new videos. Ask for their opinion and ask questions, so they will leave more comments. And always tell them to subscribe and share.
  • Add copyright-free music. Even a few seconds of commercial music used without permission could trigger a copyright claim that might take your video offline. If you want to use copyrighted music, you should pay for it or subscribe to an audio library like Movavi Audio Library, which will provide you with up to 110,000 tracks to use.
  • Optimize for SEO. To make sure people see your video, optimize your content with SEO. Brainstorm keywords with the help of planners like Google’s free tool. Put one of your target keywords in the title, then write a long, detailed description that includes those keywords. Add an overview to the description that’s relevant and contains useful links your subscribers might need.

Learn more

As your channel grows you’ll need additional insights to guide you. Here are some experts to watch:

  • Shoot like a professional with the help of the Movavi Vlog. You’ll learn how to make cool effects and edit videos easily, and also how to analyze successful YouTube channels to help you find your own style.
  • Sean Cannell from Think Media helps users master the tools for creating online content.
  • Roberto Blake posts educational videos that empower creatives to take control of their lives and YouTube channels.
  • Derral Eves provides professional consultations on video marketing and marketing in general.
  • Nick Nimmin shares tips and ideas on how to grow a channel by getting more subscribers and views.
  • Tim from Video Creators can help you grow a channel and deliver the message to the audience correctly.

Create a YouTube video for your brand today. It’s easy to do and well worth it for the benefits they provide.

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