SEO – Google teases Google Ads app, Local campaigns announcements ahead of Google Marketing Live next week

SEO - Google teases Google Ads app, Local campaigns announcements ahead of Google Marketing Live next week

Google will hold its annual event to show off new ads and analytics features on May 14, but it gave a sneak peek at a couple of new features coming in a blog post Thursday.

Last year, the launch of responsive search ads (RSAs) and Local campaigns were among the announcements. Speaking of those launches, here’s some of what’s on tap for this year.

Google Ads App updates. If you’re wondering how hard Google is going to push RSAs, here’s a hint. Starting this week, you’ll be able to create and edit Responsive Search Ads in the Google Ads app. Currently, you can only pause and activate text ads in the app. A representative from Google said editing and ad creation will be available for other formats in the coming months.

More recommendations and notifications are coming to the app as well. You’ll be able to take action from the recommendations. For example, add new or negative keywords, pause keywords, opt into Smart Bidding strategies (another big push for Google).

More recommendations are available in the Google Ads app for Android and iOS.

Local campaigns updates. Local campaigns are an automated campaign type designed specifically to drive foot traffic into stores. Similar to Smart campaigns and App campaigns, Google automatically optimizes ad delivery across Search, YouTube, Maps and websites and apps in its ad networks. Advertisers set a budget, and ads are generated automatically based on ad creative elements from the advertiser and location extensions.

Soon Local campaigns will expand to other support other local business goals such as getting directions that don’t require store visits measurement to be enabled. Stores will alss be able to show product information and offers.

There will also be new ad inventory in Google Maps for Local campaigns. Local ads may show “when users are planning or navigating along their route” as well as in Maps search suggestions “based on signals like the area of a map a person is viewing” or their search history.

Why we should care. Some of the features announced at Google Marketing Live actually roll out, some are never heard from again and others are whispered about for years. Google Attribution, for one, was announced two years ago and is still in beta. Regardless of the actual launch status, the announcements signal the kinds of themes and issues that Google Ads will be focusing on in the coming year. This is our cue that RSAs and Local will continue to be big areas of attention.

We will be in attendance and reporting the news that comes out of the event next week. Much of it will be livestreamed, which you can register for here.

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