SEO – Google Business Profiles new emergency help attributes for Ukraine support

SEO - Google Business Profiles new emergency help attributes for Ukraine support

Google Business Profiles is rolling out a new business attribute under a new category called “emergency help” where you can say if your business or organization accepts donations, employs refugees, needs volunteers or offers free products or services.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot from Krystal Taing on Twitter of the new attributes:

How to access it. You may be able to access these new attributes by logging into your Google Business Profile account, clicking on the “Info” tab and then scrolling down to edit your “Attributes.” All you need to do it click on the pencil icon to open up the available attributes to your business.

Don’t see it? If you do not see it, you are not alone. I personally do not see this in for my business listing and I suspect many of you don’t either. It might be a slow rollout of this attribute or it may be only available to certain types of businesses or organizations or to certain businesses or organizations in specific regions.

Partoo noted that these attributes are not available for all industries, plus more of this is noted on the Google blog post here. Ben Fisher told me this is restricted to Ukraine and surrounding regions and shared this hotel specific help document from Google.

Hotel accommodations. This week, Google also released new attributes for hotel listings in Google Hotel search to define if they have free or discounted rooms available for those displaced from Ukraine. Here is a screenshot of that:

Why we care. This may be an excellent way for you to highlight how your business or organization can help refugees and in general with the Ukraine crisis. In addition, your business or organization may see special icons in their business listings in Google Maps and Search when these attributes are added. I have yet to see how these attributes are reflected to searchers on the frontend.

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