SEO – Google Analytics 4 gains autosuggest for faster report access

SEO - Google Analytics 4 gains autosuggest for faster report access

Google Analytics 4 made a small but powerful upgrade that helps you locate the report you are looking for faster. Google added autosuggest to the search box within GA4 to help you find that report in less time.

The announcement. Here is how Google announced this feature, “the search box at the top of Analytics now provides suggestions to help you find information. Analytics shows useful queries as you type, bolding the suggested portion of the text. You can use the up and down keys to highlight a suggestion and press enter to accept one. For example, when you start typing “user”, you will see the following suggestions in the Search panel.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of autosuggest for search in GA4:

Why we care. Any feature that helps marketers save time, we are a fan of. And this feature should help marketers find the reports they are looking faster and possibly even uncover reports that you may not have known were available. So give it a try and explore some of the reports available to you within GA4.

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