SEO – Google Ads conversion reporting bug (mostly) fixed

SEO - Google Ads conversion reporting bug (mostly) fixed

Google Ads engineers have been working to fix conversion reporting since a bug caused conversions to be overreported for in the AdWords API, Google Ads API beta and Google Ads scripts.

Status update. As of Sunday, conversion reporting has been fixed except in the Search Query Performance, Geo Performance, Keywordless Query, and Keywordless Category reports, Google said.

What was the problem? A bug on November 20 at roughly 9:00 PM EST caused conversion reporting problems between November 11, 12:01 AM PST and November 20, 11:59 AM PST. It affected campaigns that aren’t using last-click attribution.

The problem only affected reporting, not smart bidding algorithms.

Why we care. If you downloaded conversion field data via the ads APIs or Google Ads scripts between 9:00 PM PST November 20 and 9:00 AM PST November 24 and aren’t using last-click attribution, you should pull that data again to be sure it’s accurate. Continue to hold off on pulling data from the still-affected reports noted above until they’re confirmed fixed.

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