SEO – Conductor adds audience demographics and social media analytics to Searchlight platform

SEO - Conductor adds audience demographics and social media analytics to Searchlight platform

At its C3 conference in New York last week, content marketing software company Conductor announced plans to integrate audience demographic insights and expand search capabilities with social media analytics for its Searchlight platform. For current customers, multi-channel content analytics are now available via a closed beta.

Why we should care. Conductor claims to be the first to include social and demographic data into their enterprise SEO platform. If well-executed, it may enable marketers to get a better understanding of who is looking at their content and what those viewers want so that they may discover new audiences and refine their content marketing efforts.

A mock-up of the multi-channel content analytics interface.

Although currently in closed beta, Conductor’s multi-channel analytics may be a step towards better multi-touch attribution. It’s something to keep an eye on as more insight into the buyer journey can help discern which parts of a campaign are working – and where the bottlenecks exist.

More on the announcement. Audience demographic insights and social media analytics are set to roll out in late Q2. The company also announced other features including:

  • Content Briefs – The ability to create and deliver content briefs, populated with search, social and demographic insights, directly from within the platform.
  • People Also Ask – A section of the Topic Report that helps marketers learn about the questions their audience is asking.
  • Expanded datasets – Conductor says it’s increasing the available data for reporting and analysis, which should help customers determine visibility across their keywords beyond a sample set.

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