PPC – Why your content strategy isn’t working and how to actually break through

PPC - Why your content strategy isn’t working and how to actually break through

Companies are publishing more content than ever before, and it’s a trend that’s only growing.

Case in point, over 60% of marketers expect their 2022 content budgets to increase from 2021. So how can you ensure your content stands out when the pie slices keep shrinking?

The good news? There is a magic bullet to put your content strategy into autopilot and generate more qualified leads without barely lifting a finger!

Joking. You’ll have to regularly lift many fingers. The hard truth that most insiders try to spin is that executing a successful content strategy takes lots of work.

So what’s the actual good news? Well, there’s busy work, and then there’s smart work.

Businesses previously won at content marketing by doing content; push out enough semi-relevant, keyword-stuffed content and you’ll move the needle.

Today’s landscape is too competitive for old strategies to deliver the same results. The way to win at content marketing now is to do it well and with intention.

Join Carlos Meza, CEO at Crowd Content, and Rand Fishkin, CEO of SparkToro, for their joint webinar “How to Win at Content Marketing in 2022 and Beyond” on May 18th at 2:30 p.m. EDT.

They’ll share exactly what kinds of intentions you’ll need to drive results and what strategies to pursue to realize those intentions.

You’ll learn expert tips on how to effectively create, distribute and amplify your content so it can cut through the noise, reach the right people and produce real brand awareness.

Designing a content plan tailored for your company isn’t effortless, but with the right insights at your disposal, you’ll gain the confidence required to move forward with smart intentions.

Not only do you need quality content at scale that provides value for your target audience, your content also needs to provide value to you.

How can you create content that makes you discoverable when so much competition pumps out content too?

How can you align your content goals with your business goals to verify that your content works with purpose?

And how can you combat search engines monopolizing leads on their own platforms away from your website and find relevant influencers to instill trust in your brand & build your reputation?

“How to Win at Content Marketing in 2022 and Beyond” will address these topics to help you grow your business. Register for the webinar today to start developing a content strategy that actually works.

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