PPC – TikTok Shop tests visual search feature

PPC - TikTok Shop tests visual search feature

TikTok is testing visual search in Shop, its ecommerce solution. Users can take a photo or upload an image to find and buy similar products.

Why we care. TikTok has been moving more into ecommerce lately, with a goal of generating $20 billion in sales. While this feature seems promising, it remains to be seen whether it will prove to have enough ROI for ecommerce brands to care.

What is TikTok Shop. TikTok Shop, which launched in beta in April, is an ecommerce solution designed to boost sales and brand growth. It allows users to discover and purchase products from their favorite creators and brands in a single, smooth experience.

How it works. A user clicks on the camera icon in the search bar. On the camera, TikTok instructs users: “Take a photo or upload an image to find similar products.”

The test. It is limited and only being tested in non-U.S. markets.

But. TikTok Shop is performing “worse than other TikTok channels and elsewhere,” AdWeek reported. Instagram moved into ecommerce but ultimately cut back on its shopping features last year. It will be worth watching to see whether TikTok figures this out or follows a similar fate.

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