PPC – TikTok launches new tool to provide more insight into how ads drive conversions

PPC - TikTok launches new tool to provide more insight into how ads drive conversions

TikTok is rolling out a new measurement tool called Engaged View-through Attribution (EVTA) to provide creators with more insights into conversions.

When a viewer watches a video ad for over six seconds, it counts as an engaged view. EVTA tracks conversions that occur after a user watches an ad for at least six seconds but doesn’t click, and then converts within a seven-day attribution window.

This helps advertisers gauge the impact of these engaged views on conversions.

Why we care. Helping advertisers to make better sense of their data gives them the power to make data-led decisions for maximum campaign performance, leading to less inefficient spend and better returns on investment.

Key benefits. TikTok claims that the new measurement tool provides several key benefits, including:

  • Better understanding of ad impact beyond clicks: Tracking conversions on TikTok goes beyond a simple click-and-convert scenario. By measuring conversions influenced by views lasting six seconds or more, you’ll get a more comprehensive understanding of TikTok’s impact on your business.
  • Fuelling campaign performance with more signals: TikTok Ads Manager will receive more high-quality signals to optimize and enhance the performance of your campaigns over time by showing your ads to users who are more likely to take action.
  • Balanced measurement across different channels: Aligning attribution methods with other platforms allows for a more accurate comparison of performance, ensuring fair measurement of results across different platforms.

Combined measurement approach. TikTok states that combining EVTA with its recently launched Self-Attributing Network (SAN) can provide you with a more complete picture of how users are converting on TikTok. With this enhanced attribution methodology in place, the total conversions reported on TikTok Ads Manager include the following:

  • Click-through (CTA) and view-through (VTA) conversions driven by last click and view that are currently validated and reported by MMPs.
  • Engaged view conversions as measured by our new EVTA touch-point. These conversions are currently reported as Click-through (CTA) conversions on MMP reporting.
  • Additional click-through (CTA) conversions driven by clicks on TikTok ads that are not currently reported in MMP’s last-click attribution model.

What TikTok is saying. A spokesperson for TikTok said in a statement:

  • “The mobile advertising landscape has evolved. Today’s users encounter a wide variety of ad types across multiple different platforms, each with its own format, flow and level of interactivity.”
  • “Understanding the impact that different touchpoints and marketing channels have on driving user actions, such as app installs or purchases, remains a constant challenge for app advertisers.”
  • “To see the true impact of your TikTok ads, we recommend you turn on VTA, EVTA and CTA with the maximum attribution window and ensure that the attribution windows on TikTok Ads Manager are the same as your MMP setting. Advertisers can customize CTA (1-day or 7-day), VTA (off or 1-day), EVTA (1-day or 7-day) directly on TikTok Ads Manager.”

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Deep dive. Read TikTok’s mobile measurement framework announcement in full for more information.

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