PPC – Recommendations roll out to Discovery campaigns

PPC - Recommendations roll out to Discovery campaigns

Google Ads has added recommendations to Discovery campaigns, the company announced Monday. In addition, the ability to automatically apply recommendations has rolled out to manager accounts and the platform is also adding more recommendations for Video campaigns.

Why we care. Recommendations may help you troubleshoot your campaigns or identify opportunities for greater efficiency. However, advertisers should exercise caution when opting into auto-applied recommendations — while they might save you some time, it might not be the most effective way to spend your budget.

Recommendations for Discovery campaigns. As mentioned above, recommendations are now available for Discovery campaigns.

A recommendation for a Discovery campaign in Google Ads. Image: Google.

And, Google Ads is also now showing optimization scores for Discovery campaigns as well.

Auto-apply recommendations in manager accounts. The ability to automatically apply recommendations has rolled out to manager accounts.

Advertisers should note that, when turned on, this feature automatically applies all recommendation types that have been selected as new recommendations become available.

More recommendations for Video campaigns. Google Ads is also bolstering its recommendations for Video campaigns. New examples of recommendations for this campaign type include:

  • Set up product feeds to help you get more clicks and conversions at a lower CPA.
  • Set up Google Analytics 4 to give you deeper, cross-platform customer insights.
  • Upgrade your conversion tracking for more accurate conversion measurement.

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