PPC – Protecting your ad spend from invalid traffic

PPC - Protecting your ad spend from invalid traffic

Invalid traffic (IVT) is endemic in online advertising and inflates an advertiser’s budget with ad clicks or impressions that were never seen by a valid user.

While growth and sophistication of fraud is significant, not all IVT is fraud. Much is simply a side effect of the digital ecosystem, and the shift to programmatic is only increasing the challenges. However, whether a direct media buy or a programmatic campaign, marketers should not pay for impressions that are considered invalid.

This white paper from Moat by Oracle Data Cloud breaks down the state of invalid traffic, explain what the industry is doing to solve for it, and show how you can educate yourself to keep your budget safe.

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Ad Spend from Invalid Traffic,” from Moat.

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