PPC – Meta’s guidance on how to ‘integrate brands on Threads’

PPC - Meta’s guidance on how to ‘integrate brands on Threads’

Meta has been advising creators on what content they should post on Threads.

The social network reportedly provided extensive guidelines on how marketers can integrate their brands on the platform in a leaked email.

The message allegedly provided creators with content suggestions, engagement ideas, feature recommendations and specific examples of what makes a good post for inspiration.

Why we care. The Threads algorithm balances post ranking with content discovery in news feeds – with a huge priority on the latter. The app has said it wants to encourage exploration by serving posts to users beyond their network. This is a huge opportunity for brands to maximize reach and potentially serve their content to untapped audiences. If Threads is transparent about the type of discovery content it will prioritize, this will help brands make more informed choices regarding content ideas to ensure maximum visibility on the platform.

What has Meta said? Meta has emailed content creators, providing tips on what content they should post on Threads, according to a leaked email obtained by Business Insider:

  1. Make a grand entrance. The leaked email notes that “epic entrances” combine images, memes and “open-ended” questions to announce that a brand or influencer has joined Threads. It points to Netflix, Gabrielle Union, and the Backstreet Boys’ first post as strong examples of epic entrances for brands that may want a little inspiration.
  2. Engage your followers. Instagram suggested that interactive content is a great way for a brand to get noticed on Threads. Whether that’s starting conversations or creating polls, the platform appears to be encouraging content that produces more content. Although Threads doesn’t have a tool to create polls just yet, the email advised that brands can, for the meantime, simply post two images and give followers a choice of emoji as a way to vote.
  3. Post a challenge or competition. Meta is also encouraging brands and influencers to create their own challenges or contests – again, another example of posting content that will result in more content. The leaked email cites “If I reach 100k followers, I’ll donate $100” as an example of what to do.
  4. Make use of Puns… and talk about Threads. Puns are apparently a good shout for brands and influencers – with the leaked email even citing a Meta pun as an example: “Get ~Meta~ About Being On Threads.” Meta also seems to be encouraging posting the Threads platform itself.
  5. Explore Threads’ existing tools. Brands and influencers are encouraged to use the Threads features that are currently available such as the ability to share up 10 photos in one post or five-minute-long video clips. Although the social platform is working on adding an array of new tools, it wants users to take advantage of what’s already available at their disposal to make the app more engaging.

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Why now? Threads got off to an impressive start with more than 150 million downloads since its launch two weeks ago on July 5. However, user engagement has started to slow with daily active users falling from 49 million on July 7 to 23.6 million a week later, according to Similarweb. With that in mind, it’s little wonder Meta is pushing for content that produces more content and generates engagement in order to sustain momentum.

Deep dive. Read our Threads FAQ for more detailed information on how the new platform works.

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