PPC – Is it time to consider local marketing automation software?

PPC - Is it time to consider local marketing automation software?

More than half of worldwide searches are now on mobile devices. Today’s consumers research products on the go, zig-zagging across devices from search results to customer reviews and social media.

The name of the game for brands is bridging the gap between online or mobile search and in-store visits and sales. When customers are out looking for a store, listings must be accurate and up to date. But managing online citations, claimed and unclaimed listings, reviews and ratings, landing pages and data feeds is time-consuming.

Automating these processes can improve search rankings, increase productivity and lower CPCs due to better SEO. Local marketing automation platforms provide a wide array of tools to help brands navigate and automate these and other key processes.

This 52-page report outlines the critical elements for local marketing success and includes profiles of 17 leading enterprise local marketing automation vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing. If you are looking to adopt a local marketing automation software platform, visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide.”

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