PPC – Google top content bids are going away in October

PPC - Google top content bids are going away in October

Starting in October, Google’s top content bidding will no longer be available.

Lawrence Chasse first noticed the change and posted it on Twitter.

What are top content bids. Top content bids allow advertisers to set bid adjustments for content that was measured by Google to be popular, have a greater number of impressions per day, and get a higher level of traffic and viewer engagement.

What Google says. Nothing. Google hasn’t officially announced the change outside of removing the info from their documentation. We reached out to Google for comment.

In the bid adjustments help doc, the section for top content claims that the feature is no longer available. In their accounts, advertisers may see the notification that starting in October, all top content bid adjustments will default back to 0%.

Why we care. Advertisers who use top content bid adjustments may still be able to use them until October but should start planning for them to disappear. This could be another attempt by Google to automate and control ad campaigns, or they could be sunsetting a feature that never worked as well as intended. Either way, if you use bid adjustments in your account, monitor them closely for changes.

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