PPC – Google Search Console was down today

PPC - Google Search Console was down today

Google Search Console went down at about 8 am ET today and is still down at the time this story was published. Search Console was down and inaccessible for about 50 minutes. The tool went down at about 8 am ET and returned at 8:52 am ET.

Google is aware. At about 8:30 am ET Google’s Daniel Waisberg replied to some concerns on X with a bit of a joke, he said, “I was looking for a plug to charge my phone, so I had to unplug the server.” “Joking aside, we’re working on it,” he added.

Either way, we know someone who works with the Search Console team is aware of the issue and was able to get the team to fix the issue. Waisberg posted at 8:57 am ET saying, “Should be all good now.”

What it looks like. When you try to access Google Search Console you are presented with this 500 error status:

Why we care. If you are doing any reporting for clients or yourself, then you might want to check back later. The tool is down for everyone in every location, so it is not just you.

Maybe go work on other SEO-related tasks while Google works on restoring Search Console.

Postscript – it’s back. Google has fixed the issue at 8:52 am ET. You should now be able to access Google Search Console, it seems to have been fully restored after a 50 minute outage.

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