PPC – Google Ads pop-up survey disrupting advertisers trying to pause campaigns

PPC - Google Ads pop-up survey disrupting advertisers trying to pause campaigns

Google Ads has started serving a pop-up survey that disrupts advertisers when they try to pause campaigns.

The survey asks users whey they want to pause their ad campaign before allowing them to continue.

Why we care. The pop-up survey may annoy and inconvenience busy marketers who lack the time to explain their ad campaign pause to Google. Nonetheless, this feedback will aid Google in enhancing its product, ultimately benefiting advertisers in the long run.

First look. The pop-up was first noticed by digital marketing expert Greg Kohler, who posted about the survey on X. He shared some screenshots of the notification and then asked Google:

  • “Any chance this added friction could break the scripts or rules people have within accounts to auto-pause once certain budgets are spent?”
  • “Similar to how the account confirmation popup broke large automated budget increase rules.”

Reaction. After Greg shared his findings on X, fellow PPC expert Greg Finn asked Google Ads to stop disrupting advertisers by displaying the survery. He wrote:

  • “Kind request to @adsliaison to have this survey show AFTER the pausing occurs. Right now it adds extra steps for advertisers. We don’t need more bloat in Google Ads.”

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What Google is saying. Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin took to X to explain the purpose of the survey:

  • “This is a survey for internal understanding.”

Deep dive. Visit the Google Ads Help Center for more information.

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