PPC – Google Ads investigating bugs impacting payment methods and credit card updates

PPC - Google Ads investigating bugs impacting payment methods and credit card updates

Google Ads is currently investigating issues related to payments and credit cards.

Users experiencing these problems are unable to update their payment methods or credit card details at this time.

Why we care. If your campaign is impacted by these issues, rest assured that the problem lies with Google Ads, and they are actively working to resolve it.

First spotted. The bug was first flagged by marketing consultant Lior Krolewicz, who uploaded a preview clip onto his X account:

Krolewicz discovered a “Fix issues” button, which he believed could be a potential solution to the problem. When his client clicked on it, they were given the option to update their credit card details. However, upon submitting the update, they encountered an error message, as depicted in the image below:

Other marketers quickly responded, sharing similar issues to those described by Krolewicz. Menachem Ani, the Founder and CEO of JXT Group, for instance, wrote on X: “Saw this last week. Thought it was a fluke.”

Mark Subel, principal of Two Wheels Marketing, added: “We were unable to update our client’s CC earlier today. Wouldn’t let us.”

When is a fix expected? Google has not confirmed when Google Ads users can expect the issue to be resolved, but an update is expected shortly.

What Google is saying. Google Ads Liaison Officer Ginny Marvin confirmed the issue on X, writing:

  • “The team is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible.”

Additional bugs. In addition to addressing payment and credit card update issues, Google Ads is also actively investigating error messages related to “confusing ad text” and other content quality labels. Although users affected by these issues can still access the platform, they may experience error messages, high latency, or other unexpected behaviors. Google has confirmed that more information will be provided shortly, without specifying an exact time and date.

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