PPC – Google adds Siri Shortcuts to its iOS apps

PPC - Google adds Siri Shortcuts to its iOS apps

Google has added Siri Shortcuts for its search, Gmail, Drive and YouTube apps on iOS, the company announced Thursday. Users can take actions within the corresponding Google app through Siri by saying trigger phrases, such as “search with Google.”

Source: Google.

Why we care

Making Google apps more accessible on iOS devices may attract or keep users more engaged in Google’s ecosystem. The more users Google has, the more important its services, such as Google My Business or Google Ads, are to brands and business owners.

More on the announcement

  • Siri Shortcuts allow iOS apps to integrate their functionality with the Siri voice assistant. This enables Siri to trigger an action within an app based on a voice phrase.
  • Users can say “search in Drive” to access their Google Drive files, “search YouTube” to search for a video or “send email” to begin an email with Gmail.
  • Siri Shortcuts must first be configured by the user through the Shortcuts app before the key phrases trigger the desired actions.

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