PPC – Bing Chat gains image answers with knowledge cards and optimized answers

PPC - Bing Chat gains image answers with knowledge cards and optimized answers

Microsoft announced a number of new features that have been added to Bing Chat this week, including images within answers, optimized knowledge answers and more. “Some of these features may appear temporarily in your Bing chat experience as we experiment with them,” the Bing team wrote.

Let’s dig in.

Image answers with knowledge cards. Bing Chat has been getting more visual but now, some of those visuals can let you trigger knowledge cards. “Click on the image to launch a knowledge card that allows you to explore more information about their habitat, diet, lifecycle, and other facts,” Bing wrote.

Here is what it looks like:

Optimized answers. Bing Chat also has gained new optimized answers that show you answers related to shopping, weather, finance, jobs, autos, and recipes. In the example below, you can compare different product results in a more visual manner.

Bing Chat Optimized Answers.gif

Other features. Bing Chat also now allows you to export answers to PDF, text file, or Microsoft Word. There is also improved the copy and paste of the code or other blocks of formatted text Bing Chat generates. Finally, you can now include prompts for formatting like paragraphs, bullets, or numbering.

Why we care. We continue to see small and large improvements to generative AI tools, like Bing Chat. The Bing Chat interface is becoming more and more search-friendly, more and more user-friendly and the answers continue to get better.

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