PPC – Bing Chat gains Android home widget and improved sports scores

PPC - Bing Chat gains Android home widget and improved sports scores

Microsoft released a number of improvements to Bing Chat, including an Android home widget, improved sports scores and other updates for SwiftKey, the company announced. This is in addition to the other changes, including Bing being added as the default search provider for ChatGPT.

Android home widget. There is now a new Bing Chat widget that you can enable on your Android device’s Home screen. Once you install it, there will be a Bing icon will take you directly to Bing Chat.  

Here is how that looks:

Improved sports scores. Bing Chat said it improved its “sports grounding,” adding they have “taken steps to help Bing Chat give better answers if you’re asking questions about sports topics — including games, schedules, stats, and standings across a variety of sports.”

Here is me asking for sports scores this morning:

Bing Chat Sports Grounding Large 382x600

Other changes. Bing also announced a number of changes to SwiftKey including how to compose messages in SwiftKey, new tones in SwiftKey when composing messages and new translator in SwiftKey for iOS.

Why we care. Now your sports score searches in Bing Chat should be a bit better, plus if you use Android, you can now access Bing Chat using the Android widgets. Don’t you just love these improvements?

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