PPC – Ad customizers are now available in all Microsoft Advertising accounts

PPC - Ad customizers are now available in all Microsoft Advertising accounts

Ad customizers have been around in Google Ads for several years, and now advertisers can use them in their Microsoft Advertising campaigns, too. Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) announced Wednesday that ad customizers are now available to all advertisers globally.

Why we should care

With ad customizers, you can dynamically tailor your ad copy based on attributes defined in a feed. Can deliver ads that are more relevant to the query without having to build out hundreds or thousands of variations.

For example, you could show different offers to users based on their target location, promotion and more. Unlike Google, Microsoft Advertising allows you to apply ad customizers by audience, in addition to keyword, ad group, campaign or ad group.

For some ideas on using ad customizers for e-commerce, see contributor Joe Martinez’s article Improving e-commerce text ads with ad customizer data feeds.

As with Google, you can use the “date” attribute in your feed to show offer countdowns in your ads. For example, an ad structured like this:

Get {=Deals.Promo} – offer ends in {=COUNTDOWN(Deals.Ends_by)}.
Buy now for only {=Deals.Start_price}

Could render like this:

Contoso 16V Vacuum
Get 30% off with free shipping – offer ends in 2 days.
Buy now for only $70.00

More on Microsoft Advertising ad customizers

  • You can use them in any part of an expanded text ad except the URL.
  • If you’re already using ad customizers in Google Ads, the Google Import tool will work to import those feeds and ads into your Microsoft Advertising account.
  • In addition to the Google Import tool, you can create and manage the feeds with the Feed Management tool in the Microsoft Advertising UI (Shared Library > Business Data) or via a bulk API integration. Soon, you’ll be able to schedule feed uploads from a URL, the company says.
  • See the Microsoft Advertising help page to get started with ad customizer feeds.

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