PPC – 5 new changes to the Google Ads API

PPC - 5 new changes to the Google Ads API

Google released the v13_1 of the Ads API.

In order to use some of the v13_1 features, users will need to update their client libraries and client code. There are no breaking changes in this version.

What’s new. The highlights of the release are as follows:

  1. Bid simulations can now be obtained at a campaign level for Performance Max via campaign_simulation.
  2. Several recommendation types related to Shopping campaigns have been added, including suggestions for migrating to Performance Max and resolving a Merchant Center account suspension.
  3. Google Ads now supports SKAdNetwork conversion value schemas for iOS App campaigns. Information on setting up schemas and best practices for iOS campaigns can be found here.
  4. The LeadFormField.has_location_answer has been added to indicate whether the locations of location assets at the campaign or customer level should be displayed with a lead form.
  5. (Allowlisted feature) Performance Max campaigns now feature a VEHICLES listing type in the new Campaign.listing_type field, replacing ShoppingSetting.use_vehicles_inventory, which will be designated for Smart Shopping campaigns.

Dig deeper. Learn more about the change on the Google Ads Developer blog.

Why we care. API v13_1 introduces new features and improvements that can enhance campaign management and performance. The update includes new recommendation types for Shopping campaigns, support for SKAdNetwork conversion value schemas in iOS App campaigns, and additional functionality in Performance Max campaigns.

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