Lead Generation – 5 new updates to Meta call ads

Lead Generation - 5 new updates to Meta call ads

Meta just announced 5 new updates to their call ads. The new updates are intended to help businesses build better customer relationships, find more quality leads, and reach more potential customers to grow their business, they stated in a blog post.

1. Get a callback

This feature is currently being tested and gives customers the option to request a callback from a business.

2. Call Ads in Sales Objective

Businesses will now have the option to include call ads as a format under the Sales/Conversions objective in Ads Manager.

3. 60s call in Lead Gen, Traffic, and Sales objectives

Meta has a added a 60-second call optimization option in lead generation, traffic and to-be-released sales ad objectives to allow businesses to optimize their ads to reach people who are most likely to engage in a longer conversation.

4. Pre-call business feature in Ads Manager

Businesses can provide additional context in ads to help educate potential customers to help them make informed decisions before they make a call.

5. In-app calling

Meta is testing a platform calling solution to enable businesses to connect with customers wherever they are browsing and allow them to continue that same experience within the app after the call is complete. Meta says that no call information is captured.

Dig deeper. You can read the blog post from Meta here.

Why we care. Advertisers and brands on Meta such as stores, restaurants, or service-based businesses should make sure their phone numbers, business hours, and answering messages are up to date so they can be reached by potential customers utilizing these new features.

There’s no indication that these new features will increase the number of leads a brand is receiving. As with every new feature, test the optimization and reporting options to ensure they support your goals and conversion objectives.

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